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Besides just another guy with a camera I am first and foremost a dog and music lover and an avid tropical plant gardener. The hardest part of traveling is leaving my dogs at home and finding that special person who is going to care for the dogs and the garden. The easiest is packing the iPod.

Also a big fan of nature and all things tropical ever since childhood. Growing up in Colorado, my family would trade the cold winter storms for the tropical breezes of places like Miami, Key West and Hawaii for our family vacations. From the birds to the bikinis I was hooked at an early age. My favorite places on earth are tropical forests and beaches. The jungles, just like the oceans are full of life and energy. To sit alone, deep in a tropical forest and just be still, this is better than therapy for me!

Always a solo traveler and thirsty for the unusual and different, you will rarely find me in a group. I would rather seek out “off the beaten path” places where one can meet interesting locals and other travelers with similar interests.  However, I also like to sip tropical drinks poolside at a resort as well.

Who is Bob?

In 2009 I started using the Canon SX1is and even though it is much more of a camera than the Canon S5is I was using previously, I just haven’t been able to get great shots on the go with it yet. Part of the problem is the SX1 lens is fully exposed to the elements which is not so good in wet conditions. The S5 had a protective enclosed lens adapter so I could leave it turned on and ready to shoot at all times. The 20x zoom lens on the SX1 is a welcome upgrade though. Before 2007 I was just using a small Canon Power Shot.

Currently I am considering the new smaller mirrorless cameras for low light and faster speeds. A new toy?

These photos are for memories and sharing. This site is not meant to be a photo showcase for a serious photographer. I am not aspiring to be a professional. Some of these photos are terrible but hold good memories and few are relatively good. I just really enjoy traveling and taking photos. If you would like, you can use any content from this site just please credit the source.


To many to list here so I have started a new page for favorite places to stay and things to do. Read more....

My Favorite Places to Visit

Please click on the photo to visit the tribute site to our friend and brother, Mark Craney.

One of the worlds foremost drummers and an inspiration to many!