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Costa Rica 06

About Costa Rica

  1.   In the 1940’s Costa Rica abolished their military, making it the first country ever to operate within the democratic system without the assistance of a military.

  2.   Costa Rica has a 95.8% literacy rate, the most literate population in Central America. Considering the remote nature of most of the country, this is an amazing accomplishment. In comparison, the US is rated at 97%.

  3.   Life expectancy in Costa Rica is 78 years, which is the same as the US.

  4.   Although Costa Rica covers only .01% of the earths surface, it contains more than 6% of our planets biodiversity.

  5.   There is more wildlife in the tiny country of Costa Rica than in most entire continents.

  6.   Over 25% of the country is protected land including National Parks, Biological Reserves and Wildlife Refuges. Ecotourism is thriving and helping to fund the protected areas.